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Friday, 08 July 2016


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Harriet Devine

Brilliant review - sounds amazing.


Thanks Harriet! It is really very good. I think you'd enjoy it. :)


Thank you - I only buy new hardbacks a few times a year, and you have convinced me I was absolutely right to buy this one.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Essex! My old stomping grounds! And gosh, the words "hopeful" and "kind" in a book review are so much what I need to see right now. Thanks for this review, Helen. You are eloquent and thoughtful, as always.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I am enormously tempted to buy this not just in hardback, but as an import, as it doesn't seem to be published in the US. I hope it will be, as we could really use some books that are "hopeful, kind and playful."


Jane, you were! And it will look beautiful on your shelves for ever.

Jenny, there is a post-earthquake Colchester! (No, I didn't either!) It has been just the book for the last few weeks. :)

Go on, Lory! I think you'd really like it.


A fascinating review, Helen. I've been rather curious about this book since I first read a synopsis of it elsewhere. It does sound like a very interesting story indeed.


Lori, I really recommend it. I've found a better review of it on Savidge Reads: :)

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