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Friday, 24 June 2016


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Christine Harding

I like that. I don't really know any of his work.

Carol S

Rejection of sharing, choosing to go it alone, bleakness ahead, So Depressing, dispiriting.
hurray for The Rattle Bag however and thank you for sharing this powerful sad Miroslav Holub poem.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oh that is lovely. Thanks for sharing this!


I couldn't bear to write anything myself, I've been so depressed and angry. Depressed because obviously, I disagree with the referendum result and I think it is going to be a disaster for Britain and Europe; angry because I really believe that many people have been misled by the one side and let down by the other. And some of the press! And so far, it looks as if it's going to be even worse than I had feared.

AND it looks as if we'll have to cull poor Night Fluffy.

So doom and gloom here at gallimaufry towers. :( Thank you for your kind comments though.


Still, you know, chins up and all that. Maybe once we've calmed down it won't be so bad or even so different. Maybe?

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