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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


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Carol S

Well said, I can't reconcile myself to it at all.
Hauntingly awful. I want a miracle especially to save the potential Irish problems, the squashed life chances of the young, the scientific research grants, the environmental laws the EU put in place, and the stultification of Human Rights - so hard won. Is it all to be thrown away?


Thanks, Carol, that's kind. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad too.

I keep saying to myself that the bad stuff doesn't have to happen. I think that we will all have to become much more active politically, to protect the environment and human rights etc. Hard right governments don't have a great record in these areas, but this lot won't always be in power. (Please?) They'll have to use some of the money they've clawed back to support the arts and science projects that the EU funded (I admit, it doesn't look great for the arts) and maybe there will be new opportunities for the young. It'll still be possible to work and travel in the EU, although not as easy.

A big hug to you though, Carol, it is just SO hard to accept this.


I was very surprised at the outcome of the vote and all the horrible things people are saying. It's like American politics infected the UK, the Donald Trump virus has spread, I don't know. It's just all around terrible.

I am so sorry about Night Fluffy! What a crappy thing to have to do. Hugs all around.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Aw man. I'm sorry about Night Fluffy, and I'm sorry everything's shit with Brexit for y'all right now. As I'm sure you can guess, I'm petrified of seeing those same forces of racism and horribleness taking over the American government come fall. Some days the world feels so very very cruddy.

Harriet Devine

I too am feeling bad but just hoping that one way or another things will improve once the initial hysteria has died down. Like you I am an expat and of course we are all uncertain about what the future holds for us. I like what you say in your reply to Carol - it's important to try to see some positives, or potential ones anyway. Thanks for this.

Ana @ things mean a lot


The idea of "post-factual politics" is seriously the stuff of nightmares.

I'm trying to deal with this as well as I can, but it's been hard to read, sleep, focus, do anything when my whole life has been plunged into uncertainty.


Hello and thank you all so much for your comments. Writing/talking about this does seem to help, at least for me - for you too, I hope.

Stefanie and Jenny: I really worry about Trump. Brexit proves that people can vote against their own interests, disregard evidence and succumb to demogoguery. I didn't think that could happen, but it can. I will be crossing everything that Hillary wins. Maybe Brexit will be a wake-up call. Hugs to you both.

Harriet: I'm actually not troubled and never have been by my position - I teach English and I imagine that at worst I'd have to apply for a work permit or Belgian citizenship, which I can do. For other expats it's much more unsettling and for Europeans in Britain most of all. In the end I don't believe that our situations will be very much affected: but nobody actually knows that. A hug for you too!

Ana: I really do feel for you, especially as the uncertainty is going to last a long time. I feel ashamed of my compatriots. I hope that you can find some peace. I hope that Brexit will turn out to have been peak 'post-factual politics' and that we'll get something better after this. A big hug, my friend.


Thanks also for all the kind words about Night Fluffy and the horrible decision. I feel sad but I also think it was the right choice. The children have already been back playing with the hens as they hadn't been doing once Night F grew big, and the hens themselves can heal now.

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