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Friday, 06 May 2016


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Carol S

Thoughtful review, The Man Who Would be Thursday was 'forbidden' reading when I was a child and hidden away, obviously I've always intended to read it, this review a belated reminder. I've only read Father Brown tales.
The other banned-to-us-children, no only me actually because I was caught reading it, was Apuleis' Golden Ass. I did manage to hide that one away for myself and found it intensely thrilling. Then not particularly on a later read as a young adult. I suppose I expected the Chesterton to be of a kind and couldn't be bothered to search it out.


Oooh, 'The Man Who Was Thursday' is suddenly looking much more enticing! I wonder why it was banned? I wonder why the Golden Ass was banned? I've forgotten most of it, I think there was a nasty bit about some robbers but was it so dreadful? I am impressed that you read it as a child!


Just wait until you get to The Man Who Was Thursday, that's the Chesterton I've read. Best chase scene ever in it. And the whole book is completely bonkers. Napoleon sounds interesting though, almost a warm-up for Thursday :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

I was utterly delighted with this and The Man Who Was Thursday when I read them, gosh, probably almost ten years ago now? I haven't revisited them since, but I'm guessing that younger me missed a lot of their broader themes. I was just mainly delighted with Chesterton's writing and sense of humor, as I recall. It sounds like it would behoove me to read them again. (Disquieting, you say?)


Stefanie, two recommendations for 'The Man Who Was Thursday' in a row means that I must get to it soon. I like the sound of bonkers!

Jenny, yes I totally forgot even to mention that it is funny too! There were some terrific one-liners, and the preface, where he writes about the inaccuracy of ideas about the future, made me actually laugh.

Perhaps I'm overly sensitive to fanatics and cynics at the moment, they all seem to be so very busy here in Europe (as probably elsewhere).

Carol S

The Golden Ass was about a man who wanted a larger penis so that he could last longer, and enjoy sex more with his older woman lover; so he got himself transformed into a well hung ass by a magic spell - so it is all about sex - in the beginning anyway. Why wouldn't a child be thrilled to bits? But I'm sure it's really a lot more serious, probably a spiritual quest type work????


Carol I totally don't remember that bit! How could I not?!!!

Now I'm wondering whether I have in fact read it. Isn't it the one with the story of Cupid and Psyche?

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