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Monday, 16 May 2016


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I consider this a public service that you are performing here. I've seen this biography, having been tempted to buy and read it myself, but its gargantuan proportions did put me off (I am a reading wimp!). So I'm delighted I'm going to get all the best bits via your excellent and most amusing commentary. I have money on Patrick becoming a mean bastard in years to come, however. That pistol thing must be an indication....

Jenny @ Reading the End

Hahahah, I wasn't mad at Patrick for not spending enough time with his children! I was mad at him for writing such a snotty series of letters to Maria Burder. What a prat. I persist in disliking him. :p


Lovely post. I can hardly wait for the next instalment.


Heh, litlove, well at the moment he seems to be very much a Man of Principle and it's nice that he has quite liberal views but MoPs are often quite hard work in person, I find. It IS an excellent biography, but I will try and find a copy of Mrs Gaskell at some point to balance out the fairness and sensitivity with a blast of swirly Bronte myth, partiality and brooding.

Jenny - not his best moment. And the fact that his other proposed fiancees refused to have anything to do with him after he'd asked them to marry him: also not good. Still, he's not the mean old tyrant I was expecting - at least, not yet. And I did enjoy your review very much, and it's one of the reasons I'm reading this... :)

Thank you Harriet! But you know me, you may be waiting a long time!


Wow you are going full Bronte! I suspect Papa Bronte is somewhere between Gaskell's portrayal and Barker's. Plus he may not have been a tyrant at the beginning but there's time, there's time :)


Full Bronte! :D I am indeed. It's not very handy for reading on the bus to work though, especially since my lectern has to stay at home with the child. I'm sure you're right about Patrick.

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