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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


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Jenny @ Reading the End

Birds ARE revolting. I was just reading a book about infectious diseases, and one of my main takeaways from it is that birds are disgusting. Especially very regular birds. The regularer, the disgustinger.

Can I ask of what material the chicken saddle is made? Does Flower mind having to wear it?


Jenny, oh no! I'm scared to visit your blog now, lest there be a post destroying my bird-related illusions. Although I no longer have many illusions about hens.

A very good question: the saddle is made of heavy waterproof cotton canvas. Flower doesn't seem at all bothered by it, especially now I've adjusted it a bit and it's lying flat. Perhaps she's now the object of envy from the others, the chicest chicken ho ho. I hope that she won't have to wear it for very long, and if it does seem to bother her I'll take it off.


Love this post!


Thanks Harriet!

Good news: Fluffy's leg seems completely better today. And Night Fluffy is more of an eater than a lover! When I went back to catch Flower again and adjust the saddle, I first threw some food into the run and NF was so busy stuffing his face he didn't notice/object to my running off with his favourite wifey.

Christine Harding

Oh this did make me laugh, especially the saddle. I once knitted jumpers for a friend's bald rescue hens so they would be warm, and so the other birds wouldn't peck them! According to her chickens can be quite vicious to each other.


Hello Christine! That is so sweet, and I am sure that those poor rescue chickens looked very smart. I'm afraid that it's true, chickens can be really mean to each other. Fortunately, we've only ever had one hen who was much of a bully, and even she didn't do it for very long. (Basically because her victim quickly agreed that she was Queen of Hens.)


I have seen no evidence of bird revolts or revolting birds in my area so perhaps the revolution has not reached me yet? Or maybe I am in a designated safe zone? Night Fluffy is looking handsome though he clearly takes things far too seriously. Poor Flower. Will she have to wear the saddle for always or will Night Fluffy eventually give his affection to another and Flower will be free from her protective shield?


Well, as I write, we are all still alive and with eyes intact, although Night Fluffy trailed his wing at me yesterday which I don't think was a sign of unadulterated affection.

I really don't know what will happen about the saddle. Alas, there's no mating season, so no clear end in sight to NF's lurve. I am hoping that NF will calm down a bit with maturity... We only have three hens, which I have read isn't really enough for a cockerel (I KNOW!), so at the moment we're just keeping an eye on things and waiting to see what happens. Luckily two of the hens are older than him and one is very bossy, so that helps keep him in order a bit.


(By the way, I love the idea of NF 'giving his affection to another' like a Victorian hero!)

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