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Sunday, 24 April 2016


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Amazing review -- glad you shelled out for this. I must have read Gouge many years ago but have no recollection of what or when.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Thank you for this wonderful review! You make me want to read the book all over again -- I'm thinking of reading it to my son, as I think he will enjoy it too.


Thank you, Lory and Harriet!

Harriet, she writes very beautiful, joyous books. I like her children's fiction best. Perhaps you've read A Little White Horse? If you haven't, then buy a copy and keep it for when you're feeling poorly or depressed; she really lifts the spirits.

Lory, it was your review that set me off looking for this, so thank you! I'm coming over to your blog now to see some other Goudgey writings from today. :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

Well I am so glad that you don't regret your choices as a parent. It would be a shame if you wanted to do backsies on your sale of the child and then the person wouldn't sell. :p

Jane @ Beyond Eden Rock

I hadn't come across this book before but I love the sound of it. I have no child to sell for capital, and I know that Miss Goudge would not approve of mortgaging the dog, so I shall check my library's reserve stock and, if that fails, cross my fingers that there is an affordable copy out there somewhere.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Very good...I'll be doing a round-up next Sunday just in case anyone is late in posting.


Jenny, I can assure you the problem would be convincing the purchaser NOT to demand their money back!

Hello Jane! It really is a lovely book and I'm sorry there aren't more copies. It would be nice if it were reissued, even just as an e-book would be better than nothing. Good luck with the library: they can often spring pleasant surprises as regards reserve stock.

Great, and thanks again Lory!


I have not heard of Elizabeth Goudge before. This does sound like a lovely enchanting book, almost worth selling your child for :)


Heh heh! My daughter had better hope I don't get a yen for copies of Shakespeare's First Folio or illuminated psalters or something...


Oh dear, another author about whom I don't know enough. They keep cropping up, and I thought I was well read! ;) Thanks for sharing.


Oh Meredith, I think you would LOVE Elizabeth Goudge! Do, do give her a try.:)


Sorry to be so late with my comment, but I also would like to recommend Goudge to anyone who doesn't know her yet. It's such a pleasure to escape into her world of well-loved and lived-in old houses (which often are the main characters in her novels), nature, family bonds... Besides, I enjoy the contrast to our fastpaced world. Hers was a time when clothes were sewn or knitted at home, when communication over longer distances was so much slower and less urgent than today, when cooking took the time it actually needs. It reminds me to slow down my own life, to live more in the presence and to be thankful for what I already have.
"The Herb of Grace" is my all-time favourite and a reliable way to lift my mood whenever I need it. "The Rosemary Tree" is lovely, also.
Haven't read any of her children's books, though. As I have no younger relatives to sell, it might be difficult to get them...


Oh Martina, if you haven't read her children's books you are in for a treat, I think they're even better than her adult novels.

It's only this one that requires the selling of children; A Little White Horse and Linnets and Valerians (now published as The Runaways) are easily found both new and second-hand at entirely reasonable prices.

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