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Monday, 15 February 2016


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Wow! Night Fluffy made a total transformation in only a week? What a surprise that must have been! I have a friend with a rooster and she found out you can clip off the spurs and it doesn't hurt the birds since it's like a big toenail or something. Your cats are a riot. I love the print you go!


OK, maybe I forgot to mention that the first picture was taken at the end of November and the second was today, so it is possible that the difference was not quite so drastic. (I was going to put that in a note, honest! But then I had to go and collect my daughter from school.) So that does, I admit, count as total misrepresentation of the facts. Oops. :)

Now that is good to know since I suspect that even if he remains peaceable with us, his ladies are perhaps not too fond of them.

Cats! Do you know, there was once a time when I was indifferent to cats?


Fascinating. My cats do that too -- the little one loves to tease the big one, and they have the odd spat, but they seem quite fond of each other these days. As for your rooster --that's amazing. We managed to rear five of the nine that hatched last summer, and I was told it was almost unheard of that they should all be girls, but they are. I was rather looking forward to that transformation, too. Keep the news coming -- really enjoyable!


Thank you! I am glad your cats are getting on well too. And five hens! That's impressive! As I say, I've rather misrepresented Night Fluffy's development, I shall amend my post, but he is very fine and now pretty good at cockadoodling (not too early, thankfully).


Heh, well that makes more sense then. You had me in a panic for a second ;) Once indifferent to cats? My husband was like that because he is a dog person but now he frequently says things like "cats are ok" and "I like our little guys" My goal is for him to one day say "I love cats" :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

Well done Night Fluffy! His true colors have been revealed! I hope that he's not being too tremendously distracting to you about his crowing, or keeping you up at times when you'd rather be sleeping.


Oh not a panic, Stefanie? Booking tickets to come and visit the magical land of Belgium, with its special growth-promoting air, instead, I should hope! Everyone here is a giant!

Indeed (whisper it), I used to be a bit anti-cat, with their torturing techniques and spooky stares. Mister Puss tells me that all cats are expert in brainwashing, so it's only a matter of time before your husband is indoctrinated too.

Jenny, I shall pass on your congratulations, I am sure they'll be well received since NF is still a bit uncertain of himself. As for crowing, our neighbours have three cockerels and three donkeys (who also like to greet the dawn) plus assorted other livestock: an earthquake would have difficulty waking me these days. :)

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