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Wednesday, 06 January 2016


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Happy New Year to you, as well, Helen. And I am so glad to hear that you did no preparation over the holidays. You need the break and you and your teaching will be all the better for it. As for the blog, I think we all have spells when we need to let any activity lie fallow for a while. I know that I have periods when blogging is the last thing I want to do, but I always find something that brings me back. Let it rest for now and know that we will be here when you do feel the need to write again.


Happy New Year! I wouldn't worry about not feeling like blogging, we all go through that now and then like Alex says. Either take a break for a bit or maybe try writing about something other than books for a bit. Adventures with your chickens maybe? Or cat stories?

Jenny @ Reading the End

Hiiii, welcome back! I have no suggestions for where to find inspiration, although I do find that a deliberate hibiscus has worked wonders for me in the past. Though that would make me sad and I would miss hearing from you.

Carol S

I would miss you too, and the marvellous challening and intriguing art you introduce us too as exemplified by the superb example above (that I must explore immediately).
BUT rest is very important too, don't be bullied by the likes of me.


Happy New Year dear Helen! I am feeling exactly the same about my blog. I'm changing mine to a weekly diary this year for exactly that reason. Sometimes even the books get old (though I whisper this treasonous thought). As for preparation for class, ah whatever. The kids never notice! I send a soothing stroke to Mister Puss. There was an unfortunate incident here, too, when I turned around and made to stride out of the room, not realising Harvey was lurking right behind me. I think he may have experienced flight for the first time in his life!


Happy New Year. May 2016 be kind to you and your family. :)

A LOT of people seem to have the blogging blues at the moment. I had a few fallow weeks over Christmas and had to drag myself back to the little white square. It does seem rather pointless at times and I quit blogging at least six times every year, but I do keep returning. :) I don't know what the answer is.

Maybe blogging is an exercise in futility, or maybe it's a creative outlet and a means to communicate with people we'd otherwise never have met. I do enjoy your posts, so I hope you find a solution that works for you.


Thank you all very much for your lovely new comments, and a very happy new year to all of you!

Alex, that's very nice of you! I think one problem is that I've fallen out of the habit, there's definitely an element of discipline involved.

Stefanie, I sort of assume that people aren't terribly interested in anecdotes about my hens and cats (although I must say I enjoy reading other people's stories about their pets). I am thinking about writing about more than just books again, that was my original plan but I strayed. :) But what? I toyed with the idea of writing a bit more about being an expat, but since I spend most of my time in my own house I'm not sure how enlightening my perspective might be!

Aw, Jenny, thank you! Maybe a hibiscus is what I need, I certainly seem to be on one at the moment.

Thank you Carol, that is sweet of you and very cheering. :) I'm lucky to have readers like you.

Oh litlove, treason indeed! But it does feel like that sometimes. Especially as there are so many people writing better and more interesting posts than me. And then, blogging is a bit more of a monologue and a bit less of a conversation than I had always hoped - I mean, unless you have just read the book in question, it's hard to add very much in a comment on a post (or at least I find that to be so). I am very excited by your plans for the weekly diary but I hope 2016 improves for Harvey - flight indeed!

Perhaps there is no answer, Violet, or no one, permanent answer. I know I'd miss your writing, so you'd better not ever really quit. I find that my reading ideas are expanded by the best blogs, like yours, perhaps that's what I should aim for more here.

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