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Tuesday, 06 October 2015


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I won;t be joining in but I am enjoying seeing what others are choosing to read :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

I have promised myself not to take on any additional commitments for the month of October but I will eagerly watch while other people do this. I hope at least one person reads The King of Elfland's Daughter, in order to help me decide if I too wish to read it someday. :D


Yes, it's something that's as interesting just to observe as to participate in. I'm hoping someone will write about Billy Budd and The Magic Mountain for exactly the same reason as Jenny...

Jenny, I hope to be that person! Or one of those people!

Simon T (Stuck-in-a-Book)

Thanks for spreading the word, Helen! And I do hope someone reads some poetry, because it's so far from anything I am equipped to assess.

I've piled up books, so must make sure actually to read some, otherwise I'll look like a massive hypocrite!


Heh heh, that's the drawback of having good ideas, Simon. I'm really looking forward to being part of it. :)


Edna Ferber, "So Big." Won the Pulitzer and everything. Looking forward to it!


Gunnar, I'd never heard of either Edna Ferber or So Big. It looks a very interesting novel, I hope you'll write about it.

David Navarre

Prompted to join in by Gunnar, I've chosen 'Beau Geste' by PC Wren. I loved the 1939 movie version with Gary Cooper.


Great choice, David! I've never read it, nor seen Gary Cooper, although I have a vague memory of a series in the 1980s, could that be?

David Navarre

According to Wikipedia, there was an 8-episode serial produced by the BBC in the early 80s. Hadn't heard of it before, myself.


Oh really? I wonder if it was any good... I'm sure the book will be more enjoyable, but then I'm a bit of an old snob like that. :) It's so hard to make a decent film/TV adaptation of something that works well in a completely different medium.

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