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Sunday, 30 August 2015


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Such a lovely post. I nodded more than once. The photos are cute.


The cat hair! I could live without the cat hair problem.

Your kittens are lovely. It's wonderful to be around creatures who are so full of life and energy.


This made me laugh so much -- I too have a new kitten (actually had two, until one of them sadly died, but you don't want to hear that). She is adorable, of course. Our resident cat, Bob, was horrified when they turned up -- I kept them in the downstairs bathroom for a few days and Bob would go and stare through the glass door and growl and hiss. This didn't stop her adoring him and wanting to play with his tail. Now, after nearly three weeks, he occasionally turns round and gives her a brief lick before turning his back again and staring into space. And they can sometimes be seen side by side eating out of the same bowl. So perhaps Mister Puss will one day allow yours to be his friends. Sleeping on your bed a very good sign.


Ah, thank you Caroline! Maybe I'll stop writing boring posts about books and turn this into a cute kitten blog...

Violet, the cat hair situation isn't too bad as our house is pretty dark and poky. :)

Harriet, I am so sorry about your poor kitten dying. That must have been dreadful. Bob sounds a lovely cat, and you've managed the whole introduction thing beautifully. What is the surviving kitten's name?

This morning, Clara was lying on a chair and reached down, and Mister Puss was sitting below her and reaching up, and they sort of dabbed paws a few times. Were they playing? I'm not sure. He's coming into the house much more now and has reclaimed his favourite evening spot on the sofa, I am less wracked by guilt. Maybe my fantasy of them cuddling up to him while he tells tales of his life as a pirate cat will come true in the end...

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oh look at those kitties! Five-month-old kittens are indeed more entertaining than five-month-old humans, but that is a low bar to clear. (Humans don't get good until a bit later on, I always feel.) But both seem VERY demanding of attention!


The bar is indeed low, Jenny, although your own five-month-olds tend to have a charm that others' lack. On the one hand, there are no nappies to change with kittens. On the other, there is SO much stomping! And then it's hard to be mean and banish a kitten from the study when they are so very, very sweet.


You almost make me miss my two cats being kittens, but then they still do lots of things kittens do even at 8 years old, except they are bigger and the stomping produced more damage much to their delight.


I want kittens so badly. This post made me laugh and laugh, and what a great photo of Mister Puss! Perhaps knowing he has fans rooting for him will cheer him up a tad.


Wait - the damage gets worse? Oh dear, they didn't mention that on the kitten tin. Watching them climb in and out of the cat flap is always entertaining: if one isn't quick enough, the other gives a good shove with its paw to help out.

litlove, get kittens! I will tell Mister Puss he has a fan club. Perhaps, if I can face the claw wounds, I'll even heave him over here and show him your messages. He is still Not Happy, especially with Sooticus, who still has something which Mister Puss was forced to relinquish by a vet many moons ago, he may be feeling a bit inadequate...

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