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Thursday, 02 April 2015


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So should I borrow the Gittings from the library and start reading? :)

Harriet Devine

Of these I've only read the Keats, which I loved. But I hated Jonathan Strange and didn't finish it. Odd how that book has divided people. Diving Belles sounds wonderful, though.


I'm really enjoying it, Stefanie: it's thorough and scrupulous but not exhausting, and discusses both the life and the poetry. A leetle bit of its time, e.g. in attitude towards women. If you can get a copy from the library, then I'd advise you to give it a whirl. Gittings was both a poet and a scholar, and edited Keats' letters too, so he's got the chops.

Oh, and Harriet loved it - there's an excellent recommendation for you if ever there was one.

Harriet, yes, it is funny how some books can be so Marmitey. Perhaps they have very strong personalities? And JS&MN is LONG, you have to be sure you like it to devote that sort of time to it, don't you think? Diving Belles IS fabulous, I feel a bit like I've been converted to a sect now, spreading the good news.


I'm looking forward to your posts on Shiny New Books. That's such a wonderful blog!

I felt exactly the same about The Princess Bride. Clearly were meant to read Little, Big together. ;)

I responded to your comment on my blog, relishing your offer. I'll put up an invite to the read along. Would you like to begin in May or June? I think I told Tom the month of May we'd begin as he was interested, too...


It is wonderful, isn't it? I'm looking forward to reading all the other posts.

Lovely that the readalong is going ahead. It'll be fun reading with you! May and June are both fine by me, I think it's a book for sunny, warm days... :)


Yay! I'll put up a post soon. So happy we're doing this together.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Ah, my wonderful JS&MN! Isn't it the best? I reread it whenever I am feeling blue -- I have a nice three-volume paperback edition of it that permits me to carry it about without destroying my purse with too huge of a tome. As for when there will be a sequel, I am starting to despairingly feel that NEVER is the answer. I've altered my hopes to focus them on the miniseries. I want it to be good! I want it to come out! When will it come out?


Great! I'll link to your post when you do.

Stop with that heretical talk, Jenny. There WILL be a sequel. Keep the faith. In one of my stalkerish moments - erm, bouts of research - I read that Susanna Clarke has unfortunately been ill and this has delayed the book. So, get well soon, Susanna Clarke! Wrote Helen, in an entirely altruistic way. :)

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