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Friday, 27 February 2015


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It was a tough all but I had to vote for Strangers Have the Best Candy.


Lol! I do hope the companion volume, Divorcing a Real Wizard is soon to be published? Something for J K Rowling to bear in mind when she is finally tempted into writing the sequel to the Harry Potter series. :-)


I'm intrigued by 'Divorcing a Witch'. Is this a book of advice for all those Hogwarts students who made an ill-advised choice of partner while too young to really know their own mind?

Faye @ Literasaurus

Well my vote went to 'Divorcing a Real Witch'. The sub-heading clinched it. What a brilliant shortlist though.


Well, I was convinced that 'Advanced Pavement Research' would be an easy favourite among you all, but how wrong I was!

'Divorcing a Real Witch' does have the advantage of being open to two interpretations. I'm sure that Hermione is hard at work penning the companion volume, litlove and Alex!

Faye, I had to go back and check the subtitle and I have to agree. It contains worlds.

Christine Harding

I'm for the pavements! I like pavements, especially ones made up of proper squares, and I'm still ever so careful to watch my feet, just in case the Bears get me... On reflection, I think AA Milne has a lot to answer for!


Heh, I agree Christine! And the paving stones in this town are tiny, which makes walking about so very stressful and dangerous...

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