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Friday, 23 January 2015


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vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

Have you thought of turning your skills to dressing Mister Puss, or would that end in your being unable to use your hands to sew or even hold books?! ;-)


Hee hee! I hadn't thought of that. I'm afraid you're right, Mister Puss with his pointy claws and teeth is definitely off limits for my dressmaking skillz.

But perhaps the hens...


Oh boy, it's like looking in a mirror. Except that I cannot make things. Your bullet points describe my life completely and uncannily if we subtract the hens and their bowel movements. At least you still wonder whether it's okay - I fear I have given up caring. I do think the dolls' dresses are darling, though, and that along with the gardening and museum, theatre, etc, you are placed well out of danger.


Haha! Knitting is a lovely hobby: it can range from calmingly simple to engagingly complicated depending on what you'd like, is pretty easy to get the hang of the basics, and is compatible with audiobooks. Not terribly cheap though if you want nice or ethically made yarn & I've noticed many knitters end up amassing yarn stash the way readers amass books. At least yarn weighs less! ;) And the final products are quite practical; you can wear them in your daily life. Especially if you live somewhere chilly.

Photography is another hobby of mine & digital files don't contribute to clutter. Cooking & baking are a good hobbies, since you have to eat anyway! Those are my main ones I think. I'm trying to learn more about my local nature too, which is sort of a hobby (learning to identify trees/birds/that kind of thing) I suppose.

Anyway, reading will always be my primary interest (and the cheapest thanks to the library!), but it's fun to add other ones to the mix. :)


Helen, you sound just like me--well, except for the doll clothes--and hence utterly normal except for sounding just like me!


Heh, I have trouble telling people things I like to do other than read too. I do garden though, I also knit and sew and I'm working on becoming an avid bicyclist. I love your doll dresses!

Jenny @ Reading the End

Ha! I'm afraid my hobbies tend toward the geriatric. I cross-stitch. I watch TV with friends. If forced, I cook. I do know how to make little books out of paper and string, but I don't do it as often as I should. (I should really make one now, just to keep my hand in. If I don't do it I'll forget how.)


With the exceptions of Richard and litlove, who are clearly more freakish even than me, you all seem repulsively well-rounded. :)

litlove - I like your thinking. Best not to care. After all, I'm only really being swayed by the imagined opinions of others. Perhaps I'll invent a really unusual hobby that I can wheel out if I feel the need to make myself seem interesting, but which nobody else is likely to share, so that I can just fib about it in social situations. Ice-sculpting or spider-breeding or something.

Eva - now knitting is something I might try. But doesn't it involve a lot of counting? I don't really do counting. Or paying attention (this is one reason why I'm such a terrible cook). Anyway, I shall let you know how I get on with knitting, if I do try that.

Richard - I am not sure that that is a comfort. However, I suspect you may be lying and in fact are a keen amateur shark-wrestler.

Stefanie - that is an impressive list of hobbies! How do you do it all and read AND write so many excellent blog posts?

Jenny - having geriatric hobbies is ineffably cool. You cross-stitch! You make little books! You too are among the well-balanced. I am tempted to learn how to make little books...

Desperate Reader

You sound so busy already, is there time for more?

Desperate Reader

Also clay pigeon shooting is fun, and as my partner declared when he dragged me along fir a first try - something nice we can do together. In the end he was right and I really enjoy it.


If I sound busy, Hayley, then I've started to believe my own fantasies! I'm not really very busy at all, although I don't help myself by daydreaming when I should be planning lessons.

Clay pigeon shooting! That is impressive. I might give it a whirl too...


I'm afraid your list of symptoms is very familiar to me (even down to the holes in my cardigan elbows but that one is surely just coincidence?) I occasionally stop reading to drink booze but even then I have been told off by an acquaintance for reading at the bar...


Hello Stuart, sorry to take so long to reply to you! Your comment somehow weirdly disappeared and then reappeared...

Reading at the bar is surely allowed? Unless you were there with your acquaintance and were ignoring him or her... Generally though I find booze interferes with reading because I can never remember what I read while under the influence. Maybe you have honed your skills more successfully? :)

Laurie C

I was pretty much in the same boat as you. I used to bake as a hobby along with reading, then all the kids grew up and hubby went on a low-carb diet, and turned out our two daughters have celiac disease, so baking wasn't a relaxing activity anymore! Then we took a ballroom dance class and got hooked. Now between that and line dancing, I barely have time for reading and blogging!

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