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Monday, 04 August 2014


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Ana @ things mean a lot

Some lovely voices. I started reading Jackie Morris' blog on your recommendation and it's brought me so much joy.

I miss Claire too!

Jenny @ Reading the End

Don't be afraid of cows! You can always shoot them. I once learned how to load pistols and revolvers, but I declined to be taught how to use rifles. I felt I could not be trusted with such a large gun, though I will probably regret that decision once the apocalypse comes.

I am going to erase that story about the rat from my memory. That comes too close to fears of mine.


Congrats on your recognition, and you made me smile with "lurkerdom". I, myself, tend to do the same. It's a safe place for me, where I don't have to feel my comment may sound trite. Or, absurd.

Am so with you on the message to Claire! She's probably very busy with her three boys, but I miss her sorely. Probably, it's through her that I found you, so that's a good thing. xo

Harriet Devine

What a great list of bloggers, and what a great list of facts. Hope the camping goes well!


Congratulations. It is well deserved.
I have awarded Violet but she deserves to be mentioned twice.
Your nomination of Obooki made me laugh. He sure travels to faraway lands. I'll have to inestigate those others you mention.
Interesting things you share about yourself. That rat moment must have been quite unsettling. I like that you lived in so many countries.

Carol S

Lovely answers, lovely links to fascinating blogs. Enjoy your camping trip.


Very well deserved - and thank you for the links to other blogs! Hope you survive the pot noodles and mud!!


Oh that was fun! I would have put you on my list too but since you already were listed I spread the love around a bit more. I feel your disappointment with the witch thing, not so much with the toads but the broomstick plying and being able to make magic potions. And I have to ask about cows, what makes them so scary? I know they are big animals but they aren't generally known to be dangerous :)


How lovely to return from camping (mud not too bad at all, nary a pot noodle in sight, in fact just a great experience all round except for the awful homemade sleeping mat, my God I can't wait to get back in my own bed again) to all these kind comments, thank you!

Ana - I am so glad you like Jackie Morris's blog! And congratulations on receiving the award too!

Jenny - Congratulations to you too! To be honest, that whole list was purposely made to ensure I sounded wild and fun and not the boring middle-aged git I really am. So actually I learnt to fire guns as part of a horrible, misguided school experience called the Combined Cadet Force - it also involved smearing browny grease all over one's face, doing assault courses and bemoaning one's poor choice for Thursday afternoon optional activities. You wouldn't actually want me on your side come the Apocalypse, although since I understand that on that day it'll be everyone for him- or herself that shouldn't trouble you greatly!

Bellezza - That is exactly why I am so bad at commenting. I can never think of something worthwhile to write, but so often I feel impelled to write something because I know how one values comments. And thank you, and congratulations to you too!

Harriet - Thank you! And camping was great fun. I do love it really, as long as it doesn't rain for five days solidly. I even went kayaking (i.e. sat in boat and floated gracefully down river admiring the wildlife).

Carol S - Thank you! :)

Kaggsy - Thank you - and congratulations to you too!

Caroline - And congratulations to you also! I missed Violet's name when I read your post, I was very tired when I was writing this, and I missed Violet's name. But the more nominations the better! As for Obooki, I can't really decide whether he twirls his moustaches and tosses his cloak while writing his posts or is a slippers-and-cocoa man, but I do enjoy his blog and his point of view. The most unsettling thing about the rat moment actually was that it was repeated identical in every way the next morning, so that I was worried I was trapped in some sort of endlessly repeating time loop. And I'm lucky to have been able to live in different countries, I know!

Stefanie - Congratulations! And hmm, cows. How do they do such a great PR job? They are agents of Satan, fiends in bovine shape. I have been chased by them twice, once by a whole herd, they are scary although they pretend to be all meek and mild, they just wait for their next victim. Look! (The article doesn't mention that they also paint their faces and dance widdershins at full moon.)


I do so love learning facts about my blogging friends. Do you think if I led a campaign to get people to abandon reviewing for, say, a month, to concentrate on allowing me voyeuristic peeks into their lives, it might work? I am SO with you in thinking everything is alive - I mean, isn't it? I never shut the door behind me without wondering what the room is getting up to behind my back. And thank you for the list of blogs - several new to me that I shall have to check out now for sure.


Count me in on your campaign! I am a voyeur pure and simple, I love the internet with its opportunities to nose around in strangers' lives and living rooms.

And yes about the room getting up to things behind one's back! You're the first person who has ever not looked at me weirdly in response to that revelation. I feel (slightly) less freakish.

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