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Sunday, 27 July 2014


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Hallo gallimaufry (if I may address you so...), it sounds a lovely holiday and I'd definitely feel the need to re-read those children's books if I were you. I was just going to comment on yr previous post that there is a new series of poems on the Tube that has just started, with a couple of great summery ones in the selection too. Perhaps you can nip straight back to England to read them and buy those other VMCs!


Hello A! Thank you very much for your lovely comment. That is a brilliant idea! And it made me laugh. Absolutely the proper reaction to missed VMCs and new poems on the Tube. :)

Harriet Devine

I haven't read a single one of them, which just confirms to me how wonderfully eclectic, intelligent and informed your reading choices always are. Looking forward to hearing all about them soon.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

If you liked House of Many Ways, and have not read Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air you MUST do so -- they are fantastic! As you press The Summer Book upon unwary readers, so I press the works of Diana Wynne Jones upon them, and these are two of my very favorites.


Oh Harriet, I am really touched by your comment, thank you! The truth is that I am much too lazy to write about them all, unfortunately. But so far I have loved Elidor, which is every bit as good as I remember, it's very open and mysterious.


OMG!!!!!!! You've been in my local Oxfam!!! I'm glad the Deborah went to a good home! The local charity shops are the *best*! And your daughter has a most wonderful set of books to read there...

Jenny @ Reading the End

Pfft, you don't ever need to have read the first in a Diana Wynne Jones series to enjoy the subsequent ones. She never writes proper sequels anyway, just books that take place in the same universe with (sometimes) a few of the same characters. However, the other two that are set in the same world as House of Many Ways are also extremely awesome. Particularly Howl's Moving Castle, my go-to recommendation for Diana Wynne Jones newbies.

THE ORDINARY PRINCESS OH THAT BOOK. I love that book so much. Why it isn't more broadly known I shall never understand.


Kaggsy I had no idea you were a Suffolk woman! Ipswich is my home town, and Christchurch Mansion one of my favourite places in the world. Those bookshops are good, aren't they? Especially as I was rather disappointed by Waterstone's this time. If you're interested, the other VMCs were The Street by Ann Petry and Young Entry by Molly Keane.

Jenny, you are so right! I did think of you when I saw the Diana Wynne Jones. Now of course I want to read Howl's Moving Castle immediately. But I also want to read so many other books immediately too. Life is just so difficult.


Not born and bred here (in Scotland, actually!) but I've lived here a chunk of my life! And yes, the charity bookshops are great! Waterstones has taken a turn for the worse I feel by moving its fiction section upstairs and shrinking it - most disappointing....


I think my favourite is the Samaritans, but that is a little off the beaten track and my time was short. As for Waterstone's, I totally agree about the fiction section! And then the children's section was surprisingly thin, I felt, considering the amount of space it has now. But perhaps that will change. (I'd be self-righteous about the amount of non-book stuff in there, except that I bought some stickers there hem hem.)


OMG Lory! I am so sorry, in my bleary state this morning I missed your comment! Thank you for writing. And I will definitely look out for those DWJses, it is always nice to meet a fellow fan!

Pierfranco Minsenti

I like very much this blog I've just discovered by chance because it is about books I've never heard of, so as for example Esther Kreitman: I didn't know that Isaac Bashevis Singer had a sister. Then I share your fear of never find again some rare book: I am much the same!


I am a sucker for the pictures of book piles - bring them on! I am generally a fan of Barbara Trapido (there are wobbly books, I completely agree) and I also have Frankie and Stankie, though I have yet, ahem, to read it. Personally, I think you did brilliantly with your budget. By my calculation they add up to Nothing Worth Mentioning, which as we all know, really means free.


The Samaritans is wonderful but when you say it's off the beaten track, I wonder if you knew that it's moved? It used to be in Eagle Street but it's now in Carr street, next to the Sue Ryder and BHF. Definitely worth popping into their Book Cave (it's all downstairs) next time you're in Ipswich!


Pierfranco, thank you so much for your comment! And I had no idea that Esther Kreitman existed either. It is a bit easier for me to leave interesting books now that the internet exists, but it can still be a wrench, can't it?

litlove, I like your economic theory! I am trying to save Frankie and Stankie for one of those times when I'm feeling low and need cheering up, but I might not be able to wait that long now that I am enthusiastic about BT again.

Kaggsy, I had no idea they'd moved! Thank you so much, you have saved me the horror of walking to Eagle Street and finding no bookshop. I shall have to beat my mother when next I see her for failing to warn me. And it just occurred to me, having looked at your first comment again - was that your copy of Deborah? If so, what did you think of it?

Carol S

Inspiring finds! I've read lots of these and not heard of others so they'll be winging their way to me too, very soon. (eg E Kreitman who is described as 'an astute psychologically mind' and a 'feminist before feminism' etc - can't wait to read now) Thank you. Haven't begun the 'Fidel' yet so should wait a while b-u-u-u-t...


So glad you had a nice holiday! But then any holiday that involves books is generally never bad. I have not read New Finnish Grammar but it is on my TBR list because I think it sounds quite interesting. I hope that proves true!


Hello Carol, sorry for the late reply. Read Fidel Castro! I want to know what you think of it! And I hope you enjoy the others, I can't vouch for all of them...

Stefanie, let me know your opinion of NFG, I am hoping it's interesting too. I completely agree about books and holidays. And of course there's the planning what to take, which can involve many happy hours before the holiday even begins!

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