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Thursday, 15 May 2014


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Jenny @ Reading the End

You're right! The snail is alarming, and I would not want one of those to ?hiss? ?growl? at me.

I've read shockingly few of those Gothic novels -- shame on me! It seems like a particular disgrace not to have read Melmoth the Wanderer still, when the author is Oscar Wilde's uncle.


Oooh, Oscar Wilde's uncle? I didn't know that. I've had a copy for so long I don't actually know where it is.

The snail looks almost winged, which adds a whole extra dimension of terror.


What a gorgeous building to have worked in!

The snail looks really dangerous. I never knew about this side of snails before.

Love the gothic novel link! I have never swooned either which reveals my distinct lack of delicate sensibilities. Even worse, I like to laugh at the swooning ladies in gothic novels!


Oh my goodness! When I came to the bit about the bookshop being the 'Ancient House' I was thinking, oh how funny, there was one of those in Ipswich... and lo and behold that is the place you worked. I grew up in Colchester and Ipswich was where my mother took us shopping for a 'treat' as she considered it classier (heaven knows why). I remember buying my first Nancy Drew in the Ancient House - I adored that bookshop. I fear that I DO have a swooning tendency and, as Stefanie's comment says above, it is NOT looked well upon in today's modern world. Mostly people tell me to get a grip. Love that snail.


Stefanie, litlove, you make me laugh! With her talent for swooning, litlove would make a first-rate gothic heroine, while Stefanie, I fear that you and I would be the coarse-natured female side-kick of the villain and come to an unpleasant end in some dank cellar.

I LOVE the idea of Ipswich being classier than Colchester! And a treat! Bless your mother. I fear we thought Colchester was classier but we never went there because everyone in my family hates shopping. My friends and I used to hang out in a rather murky cafe called Oliver's (now defunct) pretending to be French tourists for some reason. The Ancient House is lovely and it was a very special bookshop, I would still miss it even had I never worked there.

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