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Monday, 14 April 2014


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This sounds like a magnificent idea, especially given the lot of women at the time when the movement started. I can't help feeling that if such an institution was to be founded today it would be seen as in some way deviant. Are we really so much less tolerant of the needs of those who don't fit our vision of the two point four children idea of the ideal unit than our predecessors?


I've heard of the beguines before but didn't really know much about them. Thanks for the fascinating history lesson!


Oh dear Alex, I hope we wouldn't be so intolerant these days. Perhaps religious institutions, even Christian ones, are viewed with some suspicion though?

Thank you Stefanie, you're flattering me! There's a book by Walter Simons about mediaeval beguines which looks very interesting. I'd like to know more about them. I'm also intrigued that Marcella Pattyn is dressed like a nun and I wonder whether begijnhoven changed a lot over the years and became more like convents and less like lay communities. I really don't know.


Really fascinating. I had never heard about this! Thanks!


Thanks Ian, you're welcome!

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