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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


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Yes, I agree. You do have to wonder whatever they were thinking!!!! Well, or if they had one single quantifiable thought AT ALL.


I heard about this yesterday. Absolutely astonishing in how shorted sighted it is. I signed the petition. Thanks for providing the link!

Jenny @ Reading the End

But that's insane! That's completely insane! Who on earth would ever have thought this was a good idea?

(Now, of course, I'm thinking of all the piteous letters Oscar Wilde wrote from prison begging to be allowed more books than just the Bible. The prison authorities magnanimously permitted him to be sent the complete works of Charles Dickens and considered their work was done.)

Harriet Devine

I had not heard of this and you are right it is appalling. I'm signing straight away and will share this. Thanks for the info. And yes those Christmas presents, too -- how incredibly sad.


Hello everyone, thanks for your comments, thanks for reading and thanks for signing if you did!

Here is a fuller response from Chris Grayling, defending his position, And here's an article containing a response to that: (if you haven't all had enough!)

Jenny, I didn't know that about Oscar Wilde. How awful for him, at least prisoners now are still allowed 12 books from the library.

I appreciate that nobody is banning prisoners from being able to read, and that monitoring parcels to prisoners costs time and money. But I strongly believe that these measures will not help with rehabilitation at all and are just plain wrong.


That's awful! I wholeheartedly agree with you, Helen. I just signed.


Thanks Claire!


I signed last week already, but forgot to mention it here.
Thanks for alerting us!

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