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Monday, 10 February 2014


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Jenny @ Reading the End

Pretty! I suppose New York got the idea of having poetry on the subways from London -- thanks, London!


Do you know, Jenny, you are right! London started it in 1986; the US in 1992. According to the internets. I'd have assumed that we cribbed it from you. But I should have been wrong.

It IS pretty, isn't it? But a pretty way of saying, my life is horrible at the moment, don't you think?


I love that phrase 'finesse of fiddles'. I shall be searching for an opportunity to use it all week.


How wonderful you found the poem by accident! I like it all those opening "f's" are great. I don't see him as drunk but he definitely seems penniless. No more for him the warm ballrooms and finesse of fiddles and flashing gold heels of beautiful ladies. It's a so dreamlike for him now where he stands outside it all in the cold under the stars.


Good luck, Alex! I haven't managed to slip it into any conversations yet...

Heh, Stefanie, you are quite right, he doesn't have to be drunk at all, I wonder why I think that of him? I love the way you put it into words.


O what a wonderful poem! I love it. I am very picky about poetry and so much fails to touch me. But THAT I love. Thank you!


I'm very glad you like it too!


Hi Helen,
Yes, the poems on the Tube are still going strong and have brightened many a dark morning. In fact, it was a snippet of Milton's "Comus" on the Tube that taught me how to read poetry and then I was hooked. A new series - of Greek poems in translation - has just gone up on trains this week.


Oh that's good to know, thank you A! I'll be passing through London in a few weeks' time, so I'll look out for them.

They taught you how to read poetry - in that case, Poems on the Underground can count itself a success! How lovely that you still remember the first snippet...

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