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Monday, 03 February 2014


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Silly typepad! I do love snowman and snowcatgirl, though. Too cute!


Heh, thanks litlove! Maybe I'll turn this into a craft blog... I think not.

To be fair, I found out yesterday that it's actually my bank who were at fault, not Typepad. Sorry Typepad! You are wonderful really!


Oh my goodness! That is so cute! You two make a great artistic couple :)


Aw, thank you Stefanie! Actually I have now been ordered to make a snowcatpapa, snowcatmama and snowcatbrother. If I never write another post, you'll know it's because I'm trapped in my kitchen manufacturing endless snowcatrelatives until Belgium sinks beneath their weight back into the sea...


They are lovely! I will place an order soon x


For you, Jayne, I can offer you the special price of eleventy thousand beans per snowcatperson. I look forward to your custom!

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