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Sunday, 05 January 2014


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Jenny @ Reading the End

Happy Twelfth Night! I think your/Stefanie's reading axiom is very solid. I'm adding to that, I would like to read more books by non-white authors. But my reading goals are no more specific than that.


Happy New Year Helen! I just left a reply to your comment over my way. I too am beginning the new year now as mine got off to a rotten start! I love the term Twelfth Night, it's beautiful sounding. Yes, I've been a drifter with reading too. The first half of the year I was really getting through a lot of books, then I went music-obsessed again and researching bands and just stopped. So I'm not committing to anything but will do as you and alight on whatever takes my fancy at the moment. I wonder if I'll ever finish The Pickwick Papers...


Happy New Year, Helen! Love the sound of those plans and, not being a big fan of Gertrude Stein, I can understand the "disagreement." Reading plans of my own? I hope to read many French authors this year. Many, many French authors. Otherwise, more or less the same as usual. Cheers!


Bad Jenny and Bad Richard! Now I want to adopt your reading plans too. God I'm so shallow. I look forward to reading your thoughts on both.

I felt I was getting a lot from 'Three Lives' and that I would also do well to read more Stein, so I won't give up. I wouldn't want her to feel she had the upper hand, either.

I'm so sorry that the new year stared badly for you Lori. I hope things are better now. But if Pickwick Papers is niggling at you, then go on, make yourself finish it! If you do, I swear that I will finish 'De aanslag'.

Happy days all!


Oh Helen, I'm embarrassed to even tell you when I started The Pickwick Papers! I love Dickens and this is a great book, full of interest and eccentricity, but I can't seem to finish the thing, I read it in little bits at a time, perhaps I'll finish it before the decade is out...


Maybe you should just accept it's a long-term project, relax and read it when the mood takes you? This must be the way that you want to read it, so I should just enjoy it if I were you. Even little by little, you'll finish it one day!

Bossily, Helen :)

Christine Harding

Glad you are continuing with the Grimm posts - I have enjoyed them. Still looking for an edition that pleases me! But have bought Gossip from the Forest, by Sara Maitland, with each chapter devoted to a British forest, alongside retelling of a tale - Hansel and Gretel, The Little Goose Girl;, Rapunzel etc. Interesting modern take on the stories, always from a different point of view, exploring motives & emotions.


Oh Christine, I have that book too and have been dipping in and out of it. I really like it, in particular all the information about trees. And I had no idea that there was mining in the Forest of Dean. It's all fascinating.


I just reread The Morville Hours during advent; I don't think I have enough self control to limit myself to a chapter a month, but it'd be lovely to follow along with the seasons.


Hello Eva, welcome! I'm not sure I have enough self-control either, but if I do end up reading the whole book by February, it won't really matter. Advent seems a great time to read it.


Happy Belated New Year! Morville Hours is a lovely book. I really liked it. I fear you might have a hard time reading only a chapter each month. I gobbled the book down :) I hope you read lots of good books in 2014!


Thank you Stefanie! I hope you do too - you have a knack of tracking down interesting ones.

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