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Friday, 13 December 2013


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I completely agreed with you! I felt that part about her depression was altogether hopped and skipped over, as if she wasn't about to share her vulnerability with us. Which was intriguing, in a book so signposted as an exploration of depression. And how many of us can conjure a nanny out of thin air to solve the problem that is motherhood? But I also enjoyed the Thumbelinas too, and found her prose inventive and amusing. I'd definitely read a novel by her but hadn't got as far as deciding which one. I'll be interested in any recommendations you get. And bless you for going through my archives. I do hope you've got a few good books lined up!


I agree, I can understand that she might not want to invade her family's privacy by writing much about them, and that she might still be raw from the depression, or whatever the reason might be - but why didn't she change the introduction? Anyway, the discovery of a good writer has come out of this, so it's all to the good.

Sometimes I want to read contemporary fiction or a thriller but I just don't know where to start any more, so many books are overhyped and my nearest English bookshop is faaaar away. So I am happy knowing that I can rely on you - and other bloggers too! - for help at these moments. :)

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