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Sunday, 08 September 2013


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I was so surprised at his death. Thanks for sharing one of his beautiful poems!


One of my treasured memories is of a late night/early morning discussion with Irish friends of mine as to whether or not you had to be Irish to fully understand Heaney's work. Trish and John reckoned you did, Martin reckoned you didn't and I reckoned you not only had to be Irish but you had to come from the same small village - which was what Martin did and why he understood every word Heaney wrote. In fact, his elder brother was at school with Heaney so I've always felt I had a personal connection. The world is a little less enchanted with his passing.

PS I read Beowulf aloud to The Bears. They loved it, especially the fighting!


So was I, Stefanie, he was so much part of the modern cultural world that it's hard to imagine him not being here.

Oh Alex, I have to say I disagree with your position with every fibre of my being (!!!) and it would be great fun to argue with you and to hear your reasons (though I don't doubt that sharing the same background would enrich one's reading of his work).

I have always felt a personal connexion to Beowulf, if only because my mother used to call me Grendel as a baby (until my father pointed out what that made her).

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