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Saturday, 06 July 2013


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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Congratulations on your final exams - and I'm sure you will find something that suits. Often PhDs require one to start a masters first up anyway, but I'm sure you find heaps of options available to you. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Christine Harding

Well done! Speaking as the mother of two daughters who are both about to engage in more studying come September, id you have the chance to do a PhD, then I say go for it. Seize the opportunity while you can, and enjoy the learning experience.

And please, if you have time, do go back to Grimm - I really enjoyed your posts with their thoughtful analysis of the tales, and the accompanying illustrations you found, and it made me look at them in quite a new light.


Dear Vicki, thank you! And I didn't know I might have to sign up for a Master's anyway, even though I already have one, that's very useful to know.

Dear Christine, thank you too! And congratulations to both your daughters. If I can find a way to do the PhD, I definitely will. And I am planning to get back to the Grimms' tales again now that I'm feeling more energetic. I'm really pleased you enjoyed my posts about them - that's made my week!


Oh a hundred thousand congratulations, Helen. Believe me, I do know what this type of course demands of you and I think you have been marvellous to write here at all.

If you want a good book to help you with the grammar then try David Crystal's 'Discover Grammar'. I don't always agree with him entirely but this is as good as you'll get and the book we always recommended to students.


Dear Alex, thank you so much! And I shall definitely get hold of a copy of 'Discover Grammar', that sounds just the ticket.


Congratulations on passing the exams! And best of luck with the PhD plans. I second Christine- I would love to read more of your Grimm posts, if you still want to write them.

As for light-hearted reading... Have you read Diana Wynne Jones? Or Patricia C. Wrede? Patricia C. Wrede has written some fun children's/young adult books set in the 19th century with magic that I really recommend for comfort reading. A Matter of Magic and Sorcery and Cecilia are the titles, although I think they have variants.


Dear Catie, thank you too! I promise I am going to keep on with the Grimms' tales, I hope to get to Little Brother and Little Sister in the next few days...

Thank you for the suggestions, they are very welcome! By some weird coincidence, I have just read Sorcery and Cecelia and you are quite right, it WAS good comfort reading. And I have ordered a copy of Fire and Hemlock and can't wait for it to arrive. I do love Diana Wynne Jones.

Joan Hunter Dunn

Congratulations on this year & enjoy making the decision about your next step.


Congratulations! No wonder you are knackered, who wouldn't be??? Taking time to figure out your next move sounds like an excellent strategy. I have every faith you'll wake up one morning, knowing just what path to take. As for comfort reading, hmmmm, how about Alice Hoffmann or Shannon Hale, both writers who incorporate magic and fairy tale into adult novels. Whatever you do, put your feet up and treat yourself well.


Congratulations! Some light reading is definitely in order. have you read Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore? I just read it and liked it very much.


Dear Joan, thank you! I am very indecisive, so it will probably take at least five years for me to choose what to do next...

Dear litlove, thank you too! Oooh, Alice Hoffmann, that's an excellent suggestion. I don't know anything about Shannon Hale and will look her up. (I received my first pay cheque for the past year's English teaching just a week ago - there was a lot of paperwork to sort out before I could be paid - and already it's disappearing horribly fast into the maw of ABE Books.) Treating myself well is something I'm very good at :)

Dear Stefanie, thank you! That is an excellent suggestion, I shall add it to my list. The title alone is very appealing...

Jenny @ Reading the End (formerly Jenny's Books)

Many many many congratulations! It sounds like there are many decisions to be made but I wish you a lot of luck while you're thinking about what happens next.

Lori, the eclectic book gatherer

Congratulations on passing your exams, Helen! Sorry about the problems, though. I just read a very literate man's blog who highly recommended Fowler's Usage and Abusage of the English Language.

A Joan Aiken binge sounds wonderful, I love her books. I used to borrow her strange collections of short stories from the library, and have a few of her titles, but need more of them. I just received a wonderful box of books I ordered, several vintage Puffins and Penguins with wonderful covers and I'm just about to start on The Wild Hunt Of Hagworthy by Penelope Lively. For some light fiction of the comforting romantic suspense type, I suggest Mary Stewart. Thornyhold is my favourite, and Touch Not The Cat and The Stormy Petrel are good too.


Dear Jenny, thank you! Fantasising about possible new directions is always fun.

Dear Lori, thank you too! How nice that you are a fellow Joan Aiken fan (although her ghost stories were always too scary for me, do you like them?). Your box sounds great, The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy rings a bell, I hope you enjoy them all.

Mary Stewart is a brilliant suggestion, I haven't read any of those three. Thank you!


Congrats, Helen!
You've certainly been busy achieving your goals. That's inspirational.
For a bit of light reading, here is a little sth. that will make roar with laughter: "Are You Experienced?" by William Sutcliffe.
All the best!


Dear Guilherme, thank you! I am making up for being busy by now being unbelievably lazy. My capacity for sloth appals me. Heh heh! I will look that up, thank you!

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