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Thursday, 21 March 2013


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Oh, I'm so sorry about the flu and at such a busy time as well. No one knows what the stress of school placement is like unless they've been there. Believe me when I say that the actual job, while it has different stresses, is never quite as painful. And yes, we should be allowed to do a Molesworth at least once in our teaching careers! I can look back and think of several candidates:)

As to your children's reading, how I envy you discovering Garner, Wynne Jones and the like for the first time. If you've enjoyed their work, you might also like Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising' Sequence. If you get hold of it as individual books, then the first is 'Over Sea and Under Stone', but there used to be an omnibus copy available. If you want further recommendations then do let me know.


Thank you for your kind words Alex. 'Painful' perfectly describes the first few weeks of the stage, but it was very rewarding too and hasn't put me off teaching at all. I can't say I'm not sorry it's over though - it was very intense and the teacher-training course continues alongside the stage, with little allowance made for the fact you have much less time to spend on it!

Ha, I wasn't actually discovering all those books for the first time - I had read and loved them as a child. However, when I read them I was surprised at how very little, if anything, I remembered of them (so it was a bit like reading them for the first time really), and impressed at how good they were.

I am a great fan of Susn Cooper and reread 'The Dark is Rising' during the last months of my pregnancy - in fact I finished 'Silver on the Tree' while in hospital being induced! However, I am always eager for recommendations of good books from trusted sources...


Oh poor Helen! We sick people get sort of used to working around illness (or at least giving up because of it) but for people who are normally healthy, it's such a trial. However, the fact you were so poorly only goes to show what hard work teaching is, particularly when you are learning. I remember it well!!! I am a huge fan of Molesworth and adore that picture - I ought to show it to my son who struggled with a computer project for school recently because of the sheer difficulty of attaching his backside to a chair for any length of time. As for the comments, hey, don't think twice. I'm behind in everything at the moment and shamefully sitting on about 5 posts I haven't replied to comments on. Aarrgghhh....


Sorry to hear you've been sick! And snowed under with work as well! Although being able to reread Alan Garner and Diana Wynne Jones is a silver lining I guess. And yes, reading more is always the answer! haha :)


Thank you litlove and Catie for your kind comments. Yes, litlove, it is a trial, but always good to remember how frustrating it must be for the long-term sick, three weeks of being ill doesn't really compare to years and years of it. I think much of life can be found in Molesworth and I have never been able to look at a prune dispassionately since reading him. As for the comments, you have rather more to keep up with than I do! ;)

Catie, perhaps I should have a T-shirt printed with 'Reading more is always the answer'... :)


Helen, there's a new fantasy series just beginning by an American author, Rachel Hartman. The first one is called 'Seraphina' and I thought it first rate.


Oh thank you Alex! I think I might have read a review of it on your blog, because that does ring a bell. I'll add it to my list...

Christine Harding

I hope you feel better by now. Interesting that you read children's books while you were ill. A few years ago, when I came home from hospital after major surgery, and was still very ill, for several weeks I sat and read all the old books I have from my own childhood, and those I bought my daughters(even the picture books). More recently I have noticed my mother does the same when she is not well.

Somehow, for both of us, those familiar and much-loved books seem to be part of the healing process.


Oh yes, I'm absolutely better now thank you Christine! I think what you say is spot on, for me it's something that feeling of safety they evoke, it's very comforting. (And a good picture book is a wonderful thing, don't you agree?)

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