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Friday, 31 August 2012


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Oh he does look saucy, doesn't he? I love that. I've often wondered about Hamsun and really ought to read him one of these days. I completely agree with you that he doesn't seem to abandon God. Much more likely that he's in a relationship of negative love- can't let him go no matter how dreadful things get, in fact the more dreadful, the tighter the bond. Oh those modernists. They were their own worst enemies, weren't they? :-)


I have this on my ereader and have been thinking about giving it a go for awhile now. It sounds really good! And Hamsun really does look rather saucy in that photo!


Sorry for taking so long to reply to you both! The book is fascinating and I am sure you would both enjoy it. I actually read it months and months ago but had enormous difficulty writing about it. It is one that stays with you though.

'Negative love' is exactly right litlove! Maybe in Hunger II he becomes a priest :)

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