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Tuesday, 07 August 2012


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Christine Harding

I love Grimm's Fairy Tales, and still have the book I had as a child, but I think it only has a selection of the stories. I will check it out. Good luck with the teaching - and the learning!


Thanks Christine! I need all the luck I can find.

I will type up the list of contents in the next few weeks and give advance warning of the next posting. If you decide to join in I would be thrilled!

Hello Guilherme, how nice of you to come over here. I've replied to your comment on at Pieces ( and I agree with you entirely. Heh, I fear I don't remember the film that well; it was lovely but I think rather more conventional than the novel.

Joan Hunter Dunn

Congratulations on your new course & then job. I really enjoy teaching & hope you do. I shall look forward to reading your posts on Grimm & wonder if they may inspire me to read them.


Thank you very much! I'm glad to know you enjoy teaching - what do you teach (if it's not insufferably nosy)?


What a lovely blog project! I might get in on this when I get back from the blogging break I am currently still on although I admit I am rather starting to miss blogging. I love Grimm's fairy tales, and I have a complete set of them.


Oh do join in! It'll be fun...

Selfishly I am delighted that you miss blogging because that means you will Return. I hope you are enjoying the break though.


Oh Helen you will make a lovely teacher! I'll tell you the secret right now: you let the students know that you are on their side. Even if you have to chew them out, you're doing it because in your heart you absolutely believe it is what they need. Students are animals, they sense what's below the surface. If what's below is right, then what comes out on top will be right too. I have every faith in you!

I also adore that picture you posted. Gorgeous. And I'll look forward to your Grimm fairy tales. I'll be back at the university in October which makes it hard enough to keep posting, and I may be resurrecting an old blog - Best of New Writing on the Web - so heaven knows I had better not sign up to anything else. But do post when you can - I miss you when you're not here!


Hi Helen, sorry it took me four thousand years (so to speak) to get over here to visit you! You have a lovely blog, and I'm up for some Grimm fairy tales once school is off and running. (I teach third grade, and I'd love to read some to my students; their background knowledge of classic works is abysmal.)

I'm going to add you to the list of participants for the Japanese Literature Challenge 6, but please don't feel any pressure by that. Remember, only one book is 'required' by the end of January.

Most important: have fun reading whatever it is you choose to read!

So nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting Dolce Bellezza. xo


Ah, thank you litlove, that does make me feel better. The class I'll be teaching next year is an adult one, which everyone assures me will be easier than teenagers... still, I am bringing Cake along to the first lesson to soften them up a bit.

It is a lovely picture isn't it? It is a great pity that all the books Errol le Cain illustrated are out of print and almost all are enormously expensive second-hand. I wish someone would republish them.

I hope everything goes well in October and that even if you can't post in the Reading Room you'll be around - August is proving a long month with your break.

Heh heh Bellezza, it's not quite four thousand years here in my universe so no problem. Thank you for your kind words and for adding me to your list. I plan to read 'Snow Country' which is one of the thinnest books I've ever seen, so no pressure there. Am hoping it's my gateway drug to more Japanese literature though. Such a great idea to run it.

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