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Friday, 06 January 2012


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Marlowe is wonderful, isn't he -- this quotation actually brought me out in goose pimples -- and the book sounds fascinating. As for the sculptures -- amazing! Thanks.


Ooh Mister Litlove gave me this book years ago and somehow it has been forgotten and is languishing in a pile somewhere. Thanks to your lovely review I am all keen to read it! I know less than nothing about this era (all my reading stops about 1830) and it sounds fascinating. As for the sculptures - wow! What a cool mystery.


Me too, Harriet! The goose pimples, I mean. Marlowe is amazing, in fact I was really disturbed by his work when I encountered it as a student. He seems to have such a bleak (and brutal) view of life, it's easier to imagine him as a spy than, say, Shakespeare.

Do read it litlove, especially if you're in a crime fiction frame of mind. (Although at the moment it's much more John le Carre, lots of espionage and double-crossing.) I don't think it matters if you don't know anything of the period, Nicholl explains everything thoroughly.

The sculptures are such a wonder, not only exquisitely made, but also anonymous gifts, the giver wanted nothing in return, not even recognition. Although it must have been quite a thrill... Lovely too that the readers of the newspaper voted not to find out who she was, thus preserving the mystery.


Wow, this book sounds wonderful. I'm a sucker for literary history that wants to be a mystery story. I know nothing of this age, and am sure I'd get a lot from a book like this. Adding it to the list!


Hello Michelle, sorry for taking so long to reply - I've been in England visiting my parents, and then had a stinking cold and so sitting in this icy little room with the computer didn't really appeal... Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of it if you do read it.

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