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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


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Merry Christmas! Gorgeous photos, and I'm hoping to read more Karen Blixen in the New Year. Her short stories are a treat. Have a wonderful festive season and a lovely rest.


Beautiful painting and lovely quotation. Thanks and a merry christmas to you too.


Today I'm enjoying sunshine rather than ice in north west England. In contrast to last year, the word is that the record temperature for Christmas Day in Britain, set in Leith near Edinburgh in the late nineteenth century, could be broken this year. The previous record was something like 14 degrees celsius.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Thank you, all of you!

Litlove - how wonderful that you're a fellow Karen Blixen fan! And she seems to have led an amazing life, not just in Kenya. I keep meaning to read a biography about her.

Thanks Harriet!

I envy you your sunshine, David. Here the sun seems barely to have made the effort to rise today, it's been heavy and grey. Exciting that a record might be broken, albeit probably a depressing reminder of climate change.

I hope you all have lovely holidays. Please do eat 10,000 mince pies on my behalf.

Joan Hunter Dunn

I love the thoughts from Chasing Shadows. I shall reflect on that today as I prepare a little more for Christmas. Happy Christmas to you.


She writes a lovely blog, I think. Her more recent post is also great: And happy Christmas to you too, Joan Hunter Dunn, I hope it's a splendid one.


I LOVE Karen Blixen. Also, I like to watch Out of Africa in the winter because it looks so sunny. :(

Merry Christmas!


That's a very tempting idea Emily, merry Christmas!

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